Support for New Parents

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Breastfeeding Support Group

Every Monday 11:00am-12:30pm Free Group (No group Memorial Day )
Whether you need breastfeeding help or just want to meet other mommies with newborns, you'll find what you need here.  Spend time with other moms and babies, learn and share valuable parenting advice, and find out how much breast milk your baby is getting with a pre- and post-feed weigh. Latch, positioning, and other breastfeeding assistance and advice will be offered by our Registered Lactation Counselor, Michelle Clookie. No pre-registration necessary  
For group questions, contact Michelle directly 619-873-8488

Photo by DNF-Style/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by DNF-Style/iStock / Getty Images

New Mom Support Group

Tues 6/13,  7/18, 8/15  1:15-2:15pm
Come join other new moms and babies in a relaxing environment where you are welcome to share both the joys and the challenges of parenthood. This is an open group and there is no cost, so you are welcome to come whenever you like and however often it feels good to you. We will discuss common concerns such as sleep, self-care, nursing/feeding, childbirth recovery, partner and family relationships, and anything else that arises.

This support group is co-facilitated by Dr. Ana Laura Arteaga-Biggs, Psy.D., M.A.
Billingual Licensed Clinical & Consulting Psychologist, & Audrey Bogorad, Postpartum Doula and Certified Lactation Counselor.
For general info, contact Baby Garten Studio 619-987-4834
For group questions or to make an appt. for private counseling, contact Dr. Arteaga-Biggs  directly:
 619-880-9911/   Website /

Nancy Cohen PLE Infant Class

Play, Learn, Explore
Infant Development Class

PLE Summer 2017 Session
Baby DOB:

Fridays 8:30am 7/7 - 8/25, 2017
Cost: $148/  8 weeks
Class 1 – Welcome, Introductions – Adjusting to Parenthood
Class 2 – Dealing with Crying, Sleeping, Eating Issues
Class 3 – Attach and Attune with our Babies
Class 4 – Temperament/ Styles of Interacting
Class 5 - Gross Motor/ Tummy Time/ Infant Massage
Class 6 - Cognitive, Emotional & Social Development – Understanding how Babies Think and Feel
Class 7 - Baby Language: Cooing, Babbling, Imitating; Baby's Development: Ages & Stages Questionnaire
Class 8 - Reflective Parenting & Parenting Styles, Resources for Parents & Babies
Specific class questions call Nancy: 619-992-0703

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Infant & Child CPR/ Choking Workshop

Infant & Child CPR and Choking Relief workshop at Baby Garten
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Sundays 12:00pm  2:00pm
June 11th/ July 9th/ Aug 13th
Cost: $35 per person

We've all heard the horror stories of children who choke to death and nobody knows what to do to save them. Don't let one of your family members become a statistic. Simple lifesaving techniques are easy to learn and our instructor, a paramedic dad to a toddler, makes the class fun! This thorough training follows the 2015 Updated Guidelines for CPR ECC to focus solely on emergency care of an infant. Topics and skills covered include:

  • NEW: First Aid skills for checking an unconscious infant/child for injuries
  • Infant and child CPR up to age 12
  • Infant and child choking relief (conscious and unconscious)
  • NEW: Choking relief for adults, pregnancy, and self-relief too.

NOTE: This is an adult  only class. In order to ensure that everyone learns these very important skills without distraction, we ask that you leave babies and children with another caregiver. Practice is done on manikins.
Specific class questions call Nathan: 858-337-7408

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Gentle Sleep Solutions

with Jen Varella, co-author of "Loved to Sleep" 
Sundays 3:30pm  4:30pm
Cost $30 per couple

Have you found yourself asking these questions?

  • I think I’ve completely messed up, can I still fix it?
  • How young is too young to sleep train?
  • Is the "cry-it-out" method the only option to get my baby on a sleep routine?

The workshop provides a comfortable environment for parents to learn how to gently solve their children's sleep problems. We’ll address general education about sleep – the science and behavioral "must knows" – including common problems, how to solve them and the secret to sleep success. If you struggle with getting your baby or toddler to sleep, this workshop will provide you with solutions and hope.
Specific class questions call Jen: 949-280-4500