Expecting Parents

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Birth Education for Hospital Delivery

Saturday + Sunday | 3:00 - 6:00pm
July 8th + 9th | August 12th + 13th | September 9th + 10th

Day One | Keep it Simple: This birth education class builds empowerment for a mother, father and/or partner to communicate the desired birth experience within a hospital setting.  This 3 hour class will review the following:

  • Anatomy Of Pregnancy
  • Progression Of Labor + Delivery
  • Birth Plan Options
  • Communicating With Your Medical Team

Day Two | Keep it Calm:  The second day, Keep It Calm, demonstrates the progression of comfort measures and supportive communication between partners. This 3 hour class will review the following:

  • What To Pack For The Hospital
  • Supportive Labor Positions
  • Mental + Physical Relaxation

As a DONA Trained Doula + ICEA Trained Birth Educator, Christina Micklish will be the instructor for this two day series.  
Maximum capacity 6 Couples.
 $225 per couple includes both weeks
Specific class questions contact Christina: 714-504-7874




Infant & Child CPR/ Choking Workshop

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Infant & Child CPR and Choking Relief workshop at Baby Garten
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Sundays 12:00pm  2:00pm
Sept 10th/ Oct 5th/ Nov 5th/ Dec 10th
$35 per person

We've all heard the horror stories of children who choke to death and nobody knows what to do to save them. Don't let one of your family members become a statistic. Simple lifesaving techniques are easy to learn and our instructor, a paramedic dad to a toddler, makes the class fun! This thorough training follows the 2015 Updated Guidelines for CPR ECC to focus solely on emergency care of an infant. Topics and skills covered include:

  • NEW: First Aid skills for checking an unconscious infant/child for injuries
  • Infant and child CPR up to age 12
  • Infant and child choking relief (conscious and unconscious)
  • NEW: Choking relief for adults, pregnancy, and self-relief too.

NOTE: This is an adult  only class. In order to ensure that everyone learns these very important skills without distraction, we ask that you leave babies and children with another caregiver. Practice is done on manikins.
Cost: $35 per person  
Specific class questions contact Nathan: 858-337-7408