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Newborn Development-- Play, Learn, Explore

Newborn- 6 mos.

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Early Spring 2019
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Friday Mornings 8:30-9:30am
Cost: $156/  8 weeks (still covers all below topics)
Class 1 – Welcome, Introductions – Adjusting to Parenthood
Class 2 – Dealing with Crying, Sleeping, Eating Issues – HELP!!!
Class 3 – Attachment to & Attunement with our Babies
Class 4 – Temperament/ Styles of Interacting with the Environment
Class 5 - Gross Motor Development Tummy Time/ Infant Massage
Class 6 - Cognitive, Emotional & Social Development – Understanding how Babies Think and Feel
Class 7 - Baby Language: Cooing, Babbling, Imitating; Baby's Development: Ages & Stages Questionnaire
Class 8 - Reflective Parenting & Parenting Styles, Resources for Parents & Babies

Playing, Learning, Exploring is designed to empower parents to connect with their babies through nurturing, observing and learning.  Join Child Development and Behavior Specialist Nancy Cohen and other parents and newborns for this interactive infant class. Part class, part support group, weekly discussions cover anything and everything new parents are concerned about: sleeping and feeding challenges, temperament, attachment, developmental milestones, and coping skills for parents. The classes include group conversation and learning from everyone present. Parents also have the opportunity to support each other and make friends during this very special time in their lives. This small, intimate, relaxing, class is perfect for parents with newborns. The babies will typically nurse, fuss, and sleep through class.
Specific class questions contact Nancy: 619-992-0703

Baby Sign Language Basics

Live classes with the best-selling author of Baby Sign Language Basics!
May/ June Session: 4/20-6/22

Parents and Babies Learning Together at Baby Sign Language Basics Class at Baby Garten Studio in San Diego
Cover of Book  Baby Sign Language Basics  by Monta Z Briant. Monta is also the owner of Baby Garten Studio in San Diego.

Start with the Basics:

Baby Sign Language Basics™ (Level 1)
age 5-14 mos/ 8 weeks/ $168
Lower frustration, find out what baby is thinking, and feel more capable as a parent! In this "Baby Sign 101" class, you'll open up communication long before speech is possible through a super-fun combination of American Sign Language, music, engaging activities for baby, and a weekly parent lesson. Each week, families will learn 6-12 new signs for both daily routines and fun things that motivate babies to communicate.
This class is only open to little ones 5-14 months, so don't miss it!
Includes book for new students:  Baby Sign Language Basics

Continue the Fun:

Sign, Sing, & Play (Level 2)
age 13-26 mos/ 8 weeks/ $156

Sign, Sing & Play delivers a new theme each week with stories, songs and playtime! Your child will continue to grow both signed and verbal vocabulary, making them happier, less frustrated, and virtually skipping the “terrible twos”! We’ll introduce more abstract & advanced concepts, such as colors, nature & outdoors, emotions, concepts for safety & discipline and many more, all while having fun and making new friends!
*Prerequisite: Baby Sign Language Basics (Walking toddlers may skip prerequisite).

Your baby is trying to tell you something-- why wait to communicate?
Specific class questions contact Baby Sign Language Basics  619-987-4834

Nightingale Music

$158 per 8 weeks/ Infant 6-18 mos Toddler 18-36 mos, Preschooler 3--5 yrs
15 classes each week-- click info button & scroll to South Park location to see the schedule


Nightingale Music combines all types of music from traditional nursery songs, to classical, to rock-n-roll with creative movement, games and percussion instrument playing to enhance learning and initiate children into the magical world of music. The multi-sensory class features wonderfully varied manipulatives, puppets, parachute, drums, xylophones, bubbles, as well as an unusual and unending assortment of rhythm instruments, bringing a fresh and new lesson each week!
Enjoy 6 super-fun sessions each year: Spring has Spring, Jungle Jive, Splash Into Summer, Wonderful World of Music, Mother Goose Rock & Rhyme, and Hooray for the Holidays!
Specific class questions contact Nightingale Music  858-488-3244

Are you a bilingual parent looking for a fun way to promote bilingualism in your child?
Or maybe want to take some "baby steps" towards learning Spanish together with your little one?

Spanish Tots

$172 per 8 weeks / age 12-36 months
(click info/ registration for special Early Bird pricing)


At Baby Linguists we know that raising a bilingual child is not easy. We also know that children acquire language best through play and interaction. That's why we've created an engaging, play-based program to make learning Spanish fun for your little one. 
Babies will enjoy music, puppets and finger plays as they effortlessly benefit from the cognitive boost that comes with the bilingual advantage.
Toddlers will enjoy music, stories, and hands on games and activities to help them learn vocabulary that they can use in their everyday activities while we nurture their curious minds and help them benefit from the bilingual advantage too.
Prior knowledge of Spanish is never required. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to learn. Sessions A, B, and C of Spanish Tots can be taken in any order.
Specific class questions Email Marsi

Movers and Groovers

$152 per 8 weeks / age 2.5-3 yrs

Movers and Groovers Preschool Dance Class

Movers and Groovers is a dance class for preschoolers 2.5-5 years old. This introductory dance class will explore the many different styles of dance including Ballet, Hip-Hop, Jazz and Modern. Come join Ms. Nancy's group of Movers, Groovers, Shakers and Peace Makers!

Specific class questions contact Nightingale Music  858-488-3244